The New Humanity

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     Hello, good people. In your hands You are holding the second edition of "THE NEW HUMANITY". We created it to celebrate a quarter century from its first edition. It appeared as an addition to the "Nadezhda" Municipal newspaper of Sofia.

     The society was talking in secret about the Teacher back then, and the printing of books with his talks was not allowed. I will never understand the Russians, who at that time were giving orders in Bulgaria as the Americans are doing it today. Back then, in Moscow, they valued aut Vanga more than us, the Bulgarians, and they were vary angry, when someone was talking about the Teacher. In our national consciousness, both of them were the most prominent Bogomils.

     Well, at the editorial office of "Nadezhda" newspaper, we wrapped it in whatever we could find (a students' notebook cover cartboard) and we waited for someone to pay attention to us and whatever comes our way.

     There were two boys in the neighborhood, still students, who did not want to wait. They decided to stand on "Slaveykov" Square and show people the first book of the Teacher in the New Times ...
                                                                                     Emil Elmazov