Chronic Inflammation of The Liver Tea

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Ingredients: melissa stems - Hb. Marubi, chicory roots - Rad. Cichorii, rhubarb roots - Rad. Rhei, roots of harrow - Rad. Ononidis, whip - Hb. Agrimonii, immortelle flowers - Fl. Helichrisii, mint leaves - Fol. Menthae piperitae, stems of wort - Hb. Hyperici.
How to use: place 2 tablespoons of the mixture in 500ml of boiling water. Brew for 5 minutes. After cooling down - filter, sweeten (optional) and drink 100ml of the decoction 4 times a day before meal. At the evening take pehtin.

Manufacturer: "Билкова градина" ООД