The einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum L.) is the most ancient kind of wheat. In it's stems, that will not lean against the wind, in it's roots, impervious to the aridness, in it's seeds, indestructible by cold, can be read the energies of the wild nature in which more straight contour, larger seed and stronger stem, are added and acquired by human care... In alliance with the einkorn wheat, the first farmer has learned to extract food, strong enough to grow on any land and in any climate... And it's not for sure, would they have survived one without the other onto the crumpled by grimaces of labor pains face of the earth... Sprouting seeds of einkorn wheat help the therapy of mentally weak, indecisive children, sometimes hunched and incapable of healing from their unexplainable mental weakness even today... Patients, left without hope by their doctors are seeking blindly for a path to remission, relying on the einkorn wheat sprout juice, which they take daily together with loafs from it's flour. The einkorn wheat can be the proper food for people, who feel their stability undermined. Whole groups of people who have lost their common will would be able to help themselves by bringing back the einkorn wheat on their table.
    The products which we offer in this catalogue are made by the einkorn wheat from „Bilkaria" reserve, located at the „Bojentsi" Balkans. There we found a land, untouched for 50 years and a decade for now we revive ancient plant species. At this territory we have brought neither a handful of synthetic fertilizer, herbicides nor pesticides. And yet fertile years had come, so we could establish our First Vital Foods Enterprise, located at Veliko Tarnovo. We create small series of handmade products, made by all the rules of domestic healthy cuisine.