„The language” capabilities of the body reach their expression peaks in the eye’s pigment-graphic „cuneiform”. Nowhere in nature is not so artistically „talkative”, nowhere else in the human body it does not give so many details of the life of an organism, as it does in our eyes.

The phrenologists claim, that the person’s face is enough, to talk with the body and mind about their condition. The palmists insist, that onto person’s palms “everything” written preliminary and in details. The acupuncture specialists can „make talk” almost the ear shells, as they find in there representative „entrances” to entire body systems. And all of them, via their unacknowledged by the academic medicine achievments, only confirm the efforts of the nature to talk to us, through forms, signs, abbreviations onto the skin, expressions on the face... However, what she constantly, daily creates and recreates in the eyes is more than maternal affection and care. It is the impulse to speak to it’s child on it’s graphic, sculptural and color language, it is also manifestation of the heavenly, light perfection. Here it is light, glare, colors and shapes – read, understand me, get well.

If you ask an iridologist on what actually rests his experience, he would tell something like this:

„In the iris of the eye can be read signs, that show various diseases. This kind of diagnosis is a very old science – in the Great Pyramid were discovered papyruses with iris schemes. The Bogomil shamans wore in their bags of herbs also one green crystal, trough witch they viewed the irises and then they chose their actions. Trough the ages the method, called today Iridodiagnosis, seems to be forgotten by the people, as has happened with many other achievments of our ancestors. The popularity of this knowlage is brought back by the Hungarian doctor  Peczely. As a youngster he climbs up a tree, to take the eggs of an owl. The bird attacks him and at the time of the fight the boy breaks the owl’s leg. Then their eyes met and he sees how in the bird’s eye appears red vertical snick. Later on, as a doctor, he will make relation between this injury and it’s consequence, but then he takes the owl to his home and observe the mark in it’s eye. His observations become the basis for the writing of the first book for iridodiagnosis, which is later then converted into a serious science. If at the end XIX century and the begining of XX century with iridodiagnosis have been engaged individual enthusiasts and random people, than in the 50’s it has been used by tens of thousands of doctors in France,  Germany, USA, Bulgaria and other countries...”

   In the folklore and artistic experience have been accumulated a huge number of observations, due to their repeatability, have been formed as patterns in language: „the eyes of fear” are large, and the eyes of joy and love shine, the eyes of disease are hazy, the eyes of the poisoned turn white, the eyes of the dying dim... The forensic rush to the corpse of the victim and if they reach within two hours from the moment of the crime, they can see in his extinguished eyes the face of the murderer or the one, who last flashed before them.

   This is it, the eyes are exclusive intermediary between the human and the nature, they are it’s light parchment, on which she exchange runes and abbreviations with everyone, dedicated in her eye script.

Let’s put it another way: in your ayes goes huge flow of untranslated anatomical information, which appears and fades by the events in and out of you...

The graphic and pigment features of the iris seemed to remain inconspicuous to the ordinary sight, they seem to play no role in our perception. The deep look at them is a long and difficult work, whitch has taken the THE IRIDODIAGNOSIS.

How many thousands of years were needed to prove, that specific areas in the iris reflect the status of the various organs. Some of them by darkened spots "are calling" for light (in diseases of deficiency) and then we have to raise their vibratory rate, others "are calling" against the light (in diseases of overbalance) and their painful high vibration source must be reduced.

If we assume the theory of the living vibration systems, what are all living beings and every organ has it’s own frequency, but the whole organism has one common frequency. Influencing certain vibrations trough essential oils, sun extracts, sounds, colors, etc. we can change and normalize these vibrations.

The irises are a relief map of the state of health of the organism The good thing about this method is that it allows us to detect the health abnormalities at very early stage, as well as the genetic predispositions to certain diseases, which in turn is a guarantee for success in the treatment. Since people are suffering from several diseases simultaneosly, the iridodiagnosis makes it possible to identify the relationship between them, in other words – the root couse.

There is no more holistic, comprehensive diagnostic method in today’s alternative and academic medicine. The future that belongs visible on THE INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE surely will adopt THE IRIDODIAGNOSIS as a part of the total human body observation. Emil Elmazov, COR MEM of IIA Moscow