The "ELMA" method is based on Einstein's non-locality: there are no isolated systems and every particle of the Universe is in instantaneous communication with all the others.
Under this law, the enlarged, color picture of the human iris, inevitable and just after its creation, falls into a relationship with it's living prototype, but not only a fraction by a fraction, but as a complete loop / "effect of the form" /. Each loop, even a single line, scratched on a piece of paper violates the uniformity of the physical vacuum, distorts the structure / it reacts to this by turning on, in other words-polarized / appear torsion fields / the architectonics of the color patches in the iris, which is unique for everyone and also helps to "refine and adjust" the wave uniformity and energy-informational compatibility and connectivity between the living eye and it's pictures. resonance wave flow proceeds, which can be loaded with additional information, as on appropriate points in the image we can add some corrective energy-information codes - say freshly squeezed juice from a properly selected medicinal plants.
The etheric body of a living organism relies on the new code and instantly reacts to changes. Often the changes in the energy level are equal to two weeks of drinking herbal decoctions or 7 days intake of chemical drugs remedies for say homeostasis.
The "ELMA" method effect is controlled by a Kirlian photography camera (highly sensitive).
It can also be used to achieve other pragmatic goals. Let's check for example the energetic impact of food and drugs on our own etheric body, to convince ourselves, how does the water we drink regularly acts on us, to accelerate the long and tiresome treat of old chronic diseases...I have explained the details below.
     If between two non living substances of mineral origin, reaction preceeds, it is most likely some energy to be released, but the resulting substance will descend to a lower energy level. The opposite effect will be done with the plant. It will grow up in spite of the law of gravity, it's juices it will rise up to its flowers, despite the osmosis and the final energy level is always higher than the primary. It is clear that in all of this resistance to the mineral lack of movement, static and heaviness, significant forces were involved (cosmic, solar and others.) to select the substances that will be slowly extracted from the mineral world, will be refined as they are add new features, new organization, new structure opposite direction of gravity to make it possible still growth and reproduction, self-regulation, the survival and further development, which is the main purpose of life.
     These forces, without which the living organism can not appear to exist, which are its invisible veil from before it's birth, the lining of his energy garment throughout his life and a dying mantle in his last hours - that's it, these are the etheric forces . Where there is reproduction, structure, growth, they are there, it is their merit.
Unfortunately we can only see the manifestation of these forces, but not really themselves. How many cases of manifestations and no image of the Etheric Power! What a bitterness for the scientists, what a platform for occultists...
However, you do not regret that you have not seen the electricity, right? What for, without its image we use it anyway: the oven, the grill, the TV set ... Let the etheric forces to proceed like this, because, even if one day start looking for them, good for us! Some people "see" extrasensory, the blue flames from the aura of the others even today, but they are 4% of all of us and we usually do not believe in them. Seeing them as a statistical error.
By 1993 to the fundamental physics, officially four states of matter were known - solid, liquid, gas and plasma. These four levels were tought to be the only essentials of the human body. But there it is, the Einstein's equations were geometrizatied by G.I. Shipov and the state of the physical vacuum or ether (called by Newton) were revealed , which now allows us to describe the etheric body and work with it without listening to accusations that we are dealing with quackery.
The physical vacuum is a complex quantum-dynamic object, but its structure is unobservable to the human eye in the imperturbable state. At the same time it is a basic environment, in which the etheric body exists. How can we observe this body, by guessing its reactions impacts on the world and send through and through our messages to the physical body - that's the thing.

When the egg begins to develop, it forms a shapeless cell cluster, and although in this first phase, the outer contour is unclear, it appears like a fruit of mulberry. Therefore it is called "morula" from the French word "mure".(Fig. 1a) On the next stage the cells are arranged in the periphery of a small bubble, like being pushed by some kind of radial centrifugal forces. The newformed thing is called "blastula" (fig. 1b). The outline is clear, the force that took an act has, achieved its developed expression in the space.
This is another manifestation of the etheric forces at the cellular level, can be observed with a microscope and everything is fine in our minds, filled up with materialism. Yet manifestation, and not the very Etheric Power itself, which generates the process, like if it settles itself among these freshly devided cells and remains to tremble in them and slightly past the end of their existence, still adhering to this same circuit.
The renowned English medium Hudson (Oops!...a mediumi! So much for the sciense. It all ends up right here!) Describes his perception of the embryonal development in the womb like this: "From my observations I found that soon after conception in the womb an ethereal pattern, resembling a child's body seems to appear, but built inside by a Highlighted etheric matter... Inside the model you can see all the future organs (since each emits energy with a strictly defined frequency)... it's most likely that radiation to be exactly what arranges the surrounding the ethereal model molecules of substances in certain chains, that form the tissues of the different organs in the body. The molecules are built along the lines of force field emitted from the ether model, and take their place, obeying the impact of the energy resonance...” (Lyudmila Puchko "Energy Medicine" quote)I do not know how thrillingly in the notion of Hudson, the ethereal genesis of mankind has occured, I leave that to your imagination, but to help you in your excitement I can show you how a picture of a living flower of an aromatic semi-bush of Hyssopus looks like, which I took with a kirlian photography camera (HF photography), while studying this plant. (Photo №2).I do not understand why Hudon's vision of the human appearance is so much different from the fruit set of a plant's seed. On an etheric level the frequency of the vibration should be (in Hertz) somewhere close to the 1020th degree.
And I must admit that on the photo, a mediocre image of the ethereal force is shown. Once I apply a high-frequency electromagnetic field, this means to force the flower to react with radiant look. One field occurs as a reaction to the other. The very power is gone again.
And what now, we do not have a picture of The Power, we can not see it, touch it, but we want harness it. How that works?!
Sometimes I think that the human arrogance has no limits. I've heard that the same arrogance to be called a creative boldness. According to your religiosity, decide the issue for yourselves.
The "ELMA" method is as follows: with a kirlian photography camera, we register the state of the etheric body of a volunteer (Photo 3a).
We see that the energetic fingerprints on the pads of its fingers, which are actually portals and its energy channels are broken, weak, some are almost with no contour. This is interpreted as a weak etheric body. But here we can see, a scattered energy manifestations on places that do not do any work, have nothing to do with the physical fabric over them. This in turn is a sign of a local minor shifts of the etheric from the physical body. Usually the two bodies coincide spatially as the etheric is external and extends up to 40cm. past the physical. In exceptional cases up to 10 meters and more. That's for it is etheral, spatially. Because penetrating the matter that appears to be its mainstay, it goes beyond, surrounds it and repeat on a larger contour.
Physical or mental shock may cause dislocation of the etheric body. This effect occurs after surgery under anesthesia, lacheteraepiya, chemotherapy, hypnosis, after severe blood transfusions, etc. Such a situation will result in disturbance of vitality or consciousness, apart from the normal performance of one complete clinical studies. Often the displacement of the two bodies causes depression for long time and unsuccessfully is being treated with antidepressants.
But do not forget about the volunteer, he is sick and tired of waiting.Now we have to do color photos of his irises. The eyes are the most active human receiver and transmitter of vibration (light waves). In the iris of the human eye, The Nature has paid a little space to every body organ (sector body) and soon as an imbalance in the function of the body appeares on the iris in the right place, a spot appears - or light of his total color - energy blockage or a darker - energy shortage. Brown and black spots indicate damage on a physical level.
If you like quality folklore, You've probably heard that song, where the young lad is secretly watching the girl, who filled her coppers on the draw well, as he "drinks" her with his eyes. There is her beauty, lines, colors, and forms intended, which generally have an energy-information content of the etheric body - waves with different frequency than the visible sector.

     This hidden admiration of the praised lad is a pure remote penetration into the etheric body of the beloved one without her knowing of it, but I remembered the song because I was always fascinated with people's generosity , which allows you to caress with your eyes someone's etheric body, without having the permission of its bearer. In terms of the physical body, such a thing would be unthinkable.

And so as the iris photos have already been made, a new, second CENTER WITH THE SAME space resulting vibrations was created. This second point in the physical vacuum we need, because then we hope between the eyes of the volunteer and their images, placed infront of us, avibrational resonance to appear.(Photo №4) He should appear, it is "the effect of the form" cosmic law of wave relationship between bodies with identical forms found in ancient Egypt by Hermes Trismegistus, then confirmed by Plato (Platonic shapes) and in Late last century proved by the modern physics of torsion fields theories.
It's been less than fifteen minutes and we already have a result - the second picture of the etheric body.(Fig 3b) Let's do an analysis of the differences. Well, what it is left now. If we assume that the displacement of the etheric from the physical body is the result of experienced shock, we need to influence the image in the place of the central nervous system. Let's put carefully, by scoring on the black circle between the pupil and the iris (sector CNS), herbal extract selected not according phytotherapy, but according to the energetic properties of herbs.(Photo №5) If we correctly have chosen and prepared it, the effect is instantaneous. The etheric body is returned to the contours of physical energy-informative links between all organs and systems that have been damaged due to misalignment, begin their recovery.
The circles (portals) of energy channels already seem solid, even sparkling, closed with the correct forms.
So we made a person drink only the ambrosia (energy) of the plants. He did not even taste bitter tea, or had to drink drops. From the perspective of the modern official medicine there was no healing effect at all. A bit like a fairy tale, but this is a story of the future. Are there 1001 nights until then, or a hundred and one years?
Whoever lives will see...