About Us

"In the primal forms of all plants is inworght cosmic light, which gradually is fading away in their hybridization. The disappearance of the light from the bread is the most painful step from the nutritional degradation of mankind."

Emil Elmazov
founder of Bilkaria,
COR MEM of IIA in Moscow
iridodiagnosis specialist.


“Bilkaria” is not just a name of a company or a herbal reserve, pharmacy or a drugstore, Bilkaria is all of us, who believe, that the earth needs our hands, but they seem to have forgotten what to do with it. We are the students and the teachers from the Travveling school, in which everyone remembers how to make his own medicines and his own food in an union with the nature. If you want this too - come to us! We will always help people to free themselves from the indifference to the food today, which slowly, but surely eats them from the inside. We will create with our own hands the bread, which will provide us all one more healthier future. This is the bread, baked from the most ancient wheat in the World - einkorn wheat, the bread of the thracians and the pharaoh, reborn in the foot of the “Bojentsy” Balkans mountain in full unity with the forces of nature.

“To be in Bilkaria today means to love Bulgaria a little bit more!“